April 30 - May 2, 2018
United States

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First Look at IT Financial Management Week 2018

Check out the agenda for IT Financial Management Week to find out about our expert speakers, informative sessions, and interactive workshops. If you would like a copy via email, send an email to geena.monaco@iqpc.com

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Past Attendee Snapshot: ITFM Week 2018

The 13th IT Financial Management Week is designed for the Next Generation of IT Finance Leaders. Our distinguished speaker faculty will highlight proven approaches to quantify, communicate, and maximize the value of technology investments. Take a look at who joined us at last year’s event for a better idea of who you will meet this April 23 – 25 in Chicago.


The DNA of CFOs of IT

What does it take to be a CFO of IT in the digital age? To find out, we partnered with our 2017 speakers to develop the “DNA of CFOs of IT” to showcase the top 10 skills and capabilities current and aspiring CFOs need to possess in order to thrive in the digital age.

To receive a copy of this infographic via email, please contact us at enquiry@iqpc.com with "Please sent me the The DNA of CFOs of IT content piece - ITFM 2018" in the subject line. 

Exclusive Content

Graduate from IT Finance Amateur to Expert

Would you classify your IT services as amateur, professional or expert? In general, IT business units fall into these three roles in the business depending on its maturity. This summary report is based off of Apptio's "IT Financial Metrics Primer” whitepaper to help you decide your current capabilities. Don't fret if you haven't reached the highest level, ITFM Week will give you the tools to take you there.

The CFO Chronicles

Inside this exclusive white paper, we examined some of the top challenges, opportunities, and expectations facing CFOs and IT financial management departments. Topics include data security and aging infrastructure, automation and analytics, millennial talent and more. Download the report and learn more about what challenges and opportunities you can expect, as well as some suggested solutions to tackling these issues.

A Practitioner's Framework for IT

The process of managing, executing, and maturing an IT Financial Management framework is usually developed from years of trial-and-error and best practice development. In "A Practitioner's Framework for IT," we bring you practical tips on why you should implement an ITFM model, a thorough overview of the process of setting expectations, and guidelines to evaluating which ITFM framework is most appropriate for your organization’s needs.

IT Financial Management Resource Packet: 2018 Edition

In the 2018 edition of our ITFM resource packet, we aggregated a collection of the top 15 websites, articles and whitepapers ITFM readers must read.


Presentation: How We’re Changing the Conversation between IT and the Business at FedEx

In this presentation, David Coleman, Finance Director, FedEx Services Corporation, shares initiatives that help change the business conversation about IT, why it’s essential to staff your IT Finance organization so it can lead new conversations, how to get started on a TBM implementation to achieve business results, and more.

Presentation: IT Finance Socialization - Cultivate a Culture of Change

Dave Lillis , Vice President, IT Finance, MasterCard Worldwide, details a strategy to implement IT finance socialization, including partnering with the business from day one to ensure IT finance objectives drive business strategy and navigating the challenges that result from increased transparency such as disputes over costs, resistance to change and new IT process implementations.

Presentation: Transition from Chargeback to Showback To Enhance Transparency

In this presentation, Carolyn Bellisio, CFO of IT, Liberty Mutual Insurance, highlights the importance of measuring the largest drivers of service consumption to derive IT costs and understand cost levers, and ensuring chargeback is integrated with finance and/or accounting systems.

Presentation: IT Financial Management Changing Perception to Impact Reality

Priyu Suryawanshi, Director, Technology Business Management Office, Prudential Financial, provides insight into becoming a trusted partner to your business customers, changing the perception of IT by leveraging disciplined financial management, communicating the value of IT in business terms, and adopting a holistic perspective to IT Financial Management.

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Exclusive Content

4 Ways to Optimize IT

Finding ways to optimize is an ongoing challenge for IT Finance leaders. In this whitepaper, learn the framework for identifying cost optimization opportunities in 4 key areas.


Empowering IT Leaders to Be Service Owners

Hear how BNY Mellon revamped its applications portfolio and re-engineered its infrastructure to realize substantial cost improvements, and improve IT transparency, including:

  • Their approach and the framework they built to manage this challenge
  • The levers they focused on
  • Lessons learned from this exercise

Presentation by:

  • Alex Golbin, Managing Director and Global Head of IT Optimization, BNY Mellon
  • Randy Stringer, Managing Director and CFO of Client Service Delivery & Client Technology Solutions, BNY Mellon

Implementing a New Business Value Equation in the Risk Averse Culture of the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve has been working on an ITFM journey to align its IT service and cost model to support improved business value by highlighting the correlation of performance and risk to cost. This initiative has focused on the creation of a new service framework and service catalog that improves the alignment to cost drivers and consumption of IT services. This discussion will focus on the strategies, approaches and toolsets used to support the advancement of IT financial management within the FRS.

Presentation by Brannon Howle, Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Information, Technology

Merging Two Global Companies: How to Evaluate Which ITFM Tools and Models to Retire?

Dell and EMC recently came together in the largest merger of technology companies in history. The resulting company, Dell Technologies, was forced to rationalize many of its legacy applications. This was also true for its ITFM tools: EMC was using one tool, while Dell was using another. Questions of: should the legacy EMC model prevail? Or should the legacy Dell model be used? Or should the merged company continue operating separate systems? After careful analysis, a project was launched to migrate the legacy Dell model to the EMC tool. The complexities were enormous, involving three distinct phases and five separate companies. This session will discuss how the migration decision was made and how the project team was able to overcome tremendous odds to develop a highly effective combined model for the merged company.

Presentation by Clark Robinson, Sr Manager of Data Management and Analytics Tools, Dell Corporation

Capital One’s Technology Cost Transformation: How cost transparency and data visualization is empowering Technology leaders

As one of the top 10 largest banks in the U.S., Capital One’s senior leadership made a prescient commitment in 2010 to shed its traditional brick ‘n’ mortar banking practices and embrace the agile mentality of a technology organization. Recognizing that its customers’ needs were changing, Capital One sought to transform how they deliver software by modeling themselves after the best technology organizations: leveraging open source software, APIs, and agile methodologies; simplifying the infrastructure as the first movers within financial services to start the journey to public cloud; and building the capabilities to leverage big and fast data. Learn how Capital One’s Technology Cost Transformation has empowered Capital One leaders to command control of their technology costs and deliver on all of their technology goals. Learn about how Capital One’s Finance team is leveraging design thinking principles and new data visualization, virtual and mixed reality tools to translate the value of Technology in a meaningful way to transform the banking experience.

Presentation by Keller Denechaud, Senior Director of Infrastructure Finance, Capital One

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Find our how Kris Rosiak, Director of Service & Product Portfolio Management Solutions and his team institutionalized the Service Owner Role at UBS.