October 23-24, 2017
United States

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Preview the ITFM Week Autumn Agenda

Join us this October to learn about the latest ITFM strategies and how to think like a CFO of IT. For more information, please fill out the form below and download the agenda.


The CFO Chronicles

Inside this exclusive white paper, we examined some of the top challenges, opportunities, and expectations facing CFOs and IT financial management departments. Topics include data security and aging infrastructure, automation and analytics, millennial talent and more. Download the report and learn more about what challenges and opportunities you can expect, as well as some suggested solutions to tackling these issues.

ITFM Technology Resources Packet

There is no question that digital disruption is now ubiquitous across industries. Companies have powerful new tools to compete in disruptive markets and create competitive advantage, but it requires a more thoughtful and agile approach to both invest in the right technologies and realize the potential cost savings. This Technology in Financial Management Resource Packet compiles some of the best articles written on the topic from the last year to help you better understand the importance of developing technology.

Exclusive Content

ITFM Resources Packet

The ITFM Resources Packet includes 20 articles and whitepapers that we curated to present the latest industry research and news in one place. The topics, statistics and strategies presented in the resources mirror the types of discussion that will take place at ITFM Week. 

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Past Attendee Snapshot

CFOs, Directors of Corporate IT, and Senior Business Leaders are already signing up to join us at the ITFM Week Autumn, October 23– 24 in San Francisco. Take a look at the last summit’s attendees - many of whom you’ll meet this time around.

Convince Your Boss Letter

Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming ITFM Week this October in San Francisco and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

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Elevate Your Value to Business & Become the CFO of Technology

IT Departments are under scrutiny from finance because they are perceived to be inefficient, but struggle to secure funding to improve those inefficiencies... does this scenario sound familiar? This article gives you options for solving this dilemma in advance of the summit.

Exclusive Content

Graduate from IT Finance Amateur to Expert

Would you classify your IT services as amateur, professional or expert? In general, IT business units fall into these three roles in the business depending on its maturity. This summary report is based off of Apptio's "IT Financial Metrics Primer” whitepaper to help you decide your current capabilities. Don't fret if you haven't reached the highest level, ITFM Week will give you the tools to take you there.

The IT Finance Bill of Rights

You have a right to prove your worth. Stand up for your rights. Show the business world your value. Draft an “IT Bill of Rights” and then add amendments to it on an as-needed basis. This interactive eBook tells you why.

Your Financial Management Graduate Certificate

You deserve this graduate certification if you've achieved the expert-level of IT Financial Management success: Business Transformation. Reference this certificate every now and then to remind yourself how far you've come. 


ITFM Maturity Framework

Past speaker Nancy Braun, CEO/Founder of Thavron Solutions, discusses the consumption-based model, assessment philosophies, data stability, correctness, completeness, and more in this past presentation.

IT Financial Management Changing Perception to Impact Reality

Past speaker Priyu Suryawanshi, Director - Technology Business Management Office at Prudential Financial, goes into changing the perception of IT, critical factors in successful financial management, communicating the value of IT in business terms, and more in this past presentation.

Optimizing on a Shoestring: Collaborative Budget Planning, Forecasting and Reallocation

Past speaker Pia Wakefield, TBM Lead at Red Hat, covers monthly Budget-to-Actuals, Monthly Forecasting, Periodic Reallocation, and more in this past presentation.


Q&A: The Masters

We interviewed a pair of speakers to discuss the unique perspectives they bring to the table:
 • Dean Meyer, Organizational guru and Author of 7 books including Internal Market Economics
 • Craig Minyard, VP of Financial Planning and Management with the Federal Reserve Information Technology